Why You Should Avoid Cheap Teeth Whitening Options

Whether it’s an upcoming wedding, party, graduation or other social event, you may have considered whitening your teeth. Everyone wants to look and feel their best and teeth whitening can help you achieve just that. A bright and beautiful smile instantly boosts your self-confidence and can improve your overall appearance. Many people are tempted to buy cheap over-the-counter whitening kits but aren’t aware of their damaging effects. Unfortunately, buyers are usually left disappointed with their results and the discomfort associated.

Consider the following risks before using over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments:

1.    Damage

The protective enamel coats the main portion of your teeth. Since at-home whitening kits require frequent use, this can strip layers of your tooth enamel over time. You can also experience increased sensitivity to hold and cold temperatures after frequent use of teeth whitening products.

2.    Unsatisfactory

The truth is cheap at home whitening kits might seem promising at first, but they won’t help you to accomplish the look you want. Visit your Longmont dental clinic insteadto achieve the shade you desire and long-lasting results.

3.    Tooth Decay

Teeth whitening is solely intended for aesthetic purposes and for those who lack a bright, white smile. It cannot correct oral health issues such as tooth decay or cavities. If you are experiencing ongoing oral health issues, seek guidance from your Longmont dentist.

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

There are a few factors that influence the color of your teeth, many of which are lifestyle related. Smoking, drinking coffee, eating foods rich in color, aging, and genetics all play a role in this. When your teeth are whitened professionally, your Longmont dentist works hard to ensure the process is safe and effective. The following are four advantages of professional teeth whitening:

1.    Whiter Teeth

Over-the-counter whitening products are weaker in strength and have the least efficient delivery system. Patients who do not reach their whitening goals using these methods are left feeling discouraged and hopeless. A professional whitening session can address mild, moderate and severe stains or discoloration. Each patient that qualifies for teeth whitening is able to see immediate results that last long-term.

2.    Speed and Reliability

Patients are shocked at how fast their Longmont dentist can whiten their teeth. This is because most over-the-counter products require consistent time and effort to see noticeable results. In less than an hour, a professional teeth whitening procedure can transform the color of your smile.

3.    Customization

Over-the-counter treatments are a “one-size-fits-all” approach. The problem is, the structure of the mouth and the type of teeth varies from person to person. Using these treatments are like squeezing into a pair of jeans that aren’t your size. Not only that, you cannot customize the product to match your whitening preference. When you visit a Longmont dental clinic, you and your dentist will discuss the shade of white you wish to achieve first before proceeding.

4.    Safety and Comfort

 Safety is your Longmont dentist’s top priority, and we will go to every measure to ensure it. This includes adjusting the concentration level of the whitening agent and protecting your gums and soft tissue before the procedure. When your teeth are whitened professionally, you have an experienced expert with you every step of the way.

Make the Most out of Your Teeth Whitening Experience

Teeth whitening results do not last forever. You will be required to visit your Longmont dentist for touch-ups. With that being said, the length of time depends heavily on you. To maintain your results effectively, avoid the following:

•    Black coffee

•    Black tea

•    Soda

•    Dark juices

•    Red wine

•    Dark beer

•    Chocolate (in specific dark)

•    Balsamic vinegar

•    Soy sauce

•    Turmeric

•    Cigarettes and tobacco

Your dentist will provide you with additional and detailed instructions to follow post-treatment.

Whiter Teeth Today

Whiter teeth make you feel confident and proud to show the world your smile. If you are interested in teeth whitening, schedule an appointment at a Longmont dental clinic today. Your dentist will determine if teeth whitening is the right solution for you. 

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