Why Cardboard Boxes are considered as Ideal Packaging Solution?

If you look around in a supermarket, retail store or even at your own house, you will hardly find any item without a cardboard box. The packs made up of corrugated fiber boards are usable and recyclable.  Quality boxes play a huge role in increasing the exposure of your product while on display with other items in competition. When considering packaging solutions, things like adequate firmness of the box for shipping and designing purposes should be counted prior. Furthermore, it is important to establish what kind of products you need to place inside, its size and weight. If your company is having a hard time selling items in plain cardboard packaging in the traditional way, switch to customized cardboard packaging. It is highly advised that you devote artistry to packaging cardboard boxes.

Considering Cardboard Boxes for Ideal Packaging Solutions

Often the question arises that while other materials for packaging products are available, then why cardboard should be considered? Here are a few reasons why personalized cardboard packaging can be considered as the ideal packaging solution.

Protective Packaging

Cardboard boxes are made from corrugated and Kraft material, thus it is a great alternative to plastic and glass. It supports the product and holds it in place acting as a cushion. It is ideal for preventing any damage to the item while shipping and is able to withstand mediocre traumas which might harm the product inside otherwise. Fragile products like glass, liquids and even electronic items can be placed inside cardboard boxes which assure safe deliveries of these products. Not only this, but the food packaging industry has also started boxing eatables in customized cardboard boxes to enhance their brand image in a cost-effective way.


Cardboard packaging is done at extremely low rates. This is of immense benefit for the manufacturers as well as the retailers. Since the packs are made out of corrugated material it is easily viable and cheap. The assembling is also an easy process and does not require heavy machinery or expensive raw materials. Another plus point, they are available on wholesale custom cardboard boxes as well. This really cuts down on the costs for the manufacturers.

Environment Factor

Cardboard boxes are biodegradable, recyclable and made from renewable sources. This indicates their obvious benefits to the environment. Being degradable, they return to the ground once discarded. These packs do not take much effort to get recycled and since they are generated from renewable sources like plants and barks of timber, they are not a threat to draining natural resources.  These boxes are a feasible and cost-effective solution in an era where the expenses of production and manufacturing are fueling day by day.


The process of recycling cardboard boxes can be is quite easy. It consumes less fuel for degradation and production. Another point is that it generates less solid waste than plastic.


The corrugated cardboard boxes are lightweight and easy to handle. They are often available with hand inserts at the side of each box which makes it easier to ship, lift and carry. Loading and unloading is no more a hassle as these packs provide a cushion to the items inside thus it is easy to carry them. Often small cardboard boxes are equipped with handles; this is another easy way to carry small perishable items around in your hand. You must be able to make the product viable as well as easy to handle and store for your customer’s assistance.

Cardboard for Shipping

Brown kraft boxes are highly eco-friendly and durable, flat and easy storage options are available in this range. These boxes are also available in corrugated quality boxes which are white in color. These packs are ideal for designing logos and item specifications. Another quality of these boxes is that they are tough thus they are also utilized for storage purposes. They can be further recycled and reused at once they are shipped to stores. With a little skill, they can be customized and used at home as makeshift furniture due to their rigidness. So they are able to withstand any pressure and stress which might cause damage to the articles inside.

Not only is cardboard boxes fun to design and bring out your employee’s creativity, but also it will make your client feel more connected to you. A specific packaging is a trade-mark of your company. If the above-mentioned strategies are used in the cardboard packaging industry it is sure to prove successful and benefit both the producers and consumers. Since the versatility of these cardboard boxes as discussed above, these prove to be ideal for packaging industries. How you present your items to customers speaks volumes about your services and reliability.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Nowadays different techniques for packaging are available which are cost-effective as well as eco-friendly. You have to make your product stand out on that shelf at the mart so you need to give innovation and creativeness an extra effort. Your product sits on the shelf with a lot of other competitive product packaging brands’ and thus you need it to stand out unique.  Your brand packaging needs to communicate your brands looks and makes the customer feel it is coming from a home. Specific attention should be given to labels, shapes, and colors used in customized packaging.

Another advantage of choosing cardboard boxes for customization is that they support printing and graphics capabilities and are more sustainable to specialized printing options such as digital, litho and screen printing. Effective printing techniques serve as a great platform for marketing and brand promotion.

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