What is an Espresso Machine? Top Espresso Coffee Makers Brand

When you order an espresso in a bar, we bring you a cup containing a small amount of coffee very strong. There are many types of espresso drinks such as cappuccino, latte coffee and mocha coffee, all made with an espresso machine since its inception in Turin in the late nineteenth century.

You will get an espresso with an espresso machine with a minimum pressure of 9 bars and exactly 7 grams of finely ground coffee. If all goes well, the result is a slightly thick dark brown liquid with a small amount of cream on the top (about 2 mm in height).

There are 2 types of espresso coffeemakers on the market: Of-course you always need to check the buyers trend of the market before buying any coffee maker. It’s important and allows you to buy the latest products from the market. Also this indicates that what’s new in the market and what exactly people are buying or using now days.

The automatic espresso machine: the user only has to press a button once to make the machine grind the coffee beans and then automatically control the volume of water that is sent at high pressure through the finely ground coffee .

The manual espresso machine: the user must insert ground coffee into the filter holder, fix it in the appliance and then press the switch. At this point, the electric pump of the machine takes over and draws water from the boiler which is then propelled under pressure through the portable filter and the coffee grounds.

What are the Best brands of Espresso Machine?

The German brand Krups and the Italian brand Delonghi are currently the 2 market leaders. Here is a current panorama of good brands of espresso machine to facilitate your choice.

  1. Krups

The Krups brand began manufacturing espresso machines in the mid-1980s. It offers a wide range from high-end automatic machines to more popular models such as the famous Nespresso. Note that Krups was recently bought by the French group SEB renowned for the reliability of its devices.

  • Delonghi

It is not surprising to find an Italian brand of quality given the origin of espresso. Delonghi has been a key manufacturer of coffee machines for decades. It excels in particular in the design of manual models that is to say that you will have to grind your own coffee if you buy it in grains.

  • Saeco

The Italian brand Saeco is less known in France and is mainly aimed at professionals with high-end models. Acquired by Philips in 2009, its coffee machines are designed for the pure conditional espresso. It will be necessary to put the hand in the pocket to offer you a device of this mark!

  • Jura Mountains

Finally, I end this little panorama with a Swiss brand recognized by both professionals and coffee lovers. This manufacturer mainly designs automatic espresso machines for a minimum budget of € 500 for coffee fanatics. Of course, there are other brands like Bosch, Rok or Riviera & Bar that are very popular with fans. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite coffee machine!

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