Top Things to Do In Mustang Nepal

Are you planning to have an exotic vacation in the Mustang region of Nepal?  You are about to encounter a unique vacation in one of the highest deserts of the continent. This vacation provides a thrilling and astonishing experience for you.

Here are the top things to do in Mustang.

Helicopter flight to Muktinath temple

This temple is located on top of a high hill. Most people trek to the temple for some adrenaline effect. However, you can take a helicopter flight to the temple. You get to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains and surrounding regions during the flight.


If you are choosing trekking to reach Muktinath temple, you get to explore numerous waterfalls, jungles, barren landscape and the deepest gorge of the world in the route. Yes, trekking is an important activity to enjoy in the region. Apart from this, you can find trekking trails covering many monasteries, red cliffs, Jomsom trek and others.

Stay in a monastery

Not all monasteries allow overnight stay. If possible, find one to explore the structure, take part in the prayers and dine with the monks. If overnight stay is allowed, try to spend at least a night in the dorms of the monasteries. Some of the top monasteries to cover are Thubchen Gompa, Ghar Gompa, Chhairo Gompa and others.

Mountain biking

You can explore the Mustang landscape, cover old villages, historic shrines and others in a mountain bike tour. The best route is the route towards Tibet.

Stroll in apple orchards

Marpha is the best place to spot numerous apple orchards. Apple trees grow in the valley region between Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Himalayan ranges. Try to find an orchard, where tourists are allowed to stroll through it and watch the farmworkers in action.

Jeep safari in Upper Mustang

Reaching upper Mustang needs special permission, but it is worth it. Hire a jeep to cover the region and enjoy the nature’s beauty around it.

Horse riding

Many mountain routes have horse-riding services too. The best of all is the horse riding in the Upper Mustang region.

Try the local cuisine

You can find a unique cuisine rich with apple dishes, dried items, beer and wine. Of all, the salt tea is the best beverage to taste here. You can try the local cuisine at any restaurant or at homes of local people. The Thakali food is one of the famous cuisines of Nepal. Other important activities to enjoy here are playing in snow, cycling, rock climbing and others. If you are visiting during any local festival, try to be a part of the celebration to enjoy the culture of the land.

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