Top 5 Best Websites for Memes

It’s all about memes now.

No matter if you are on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, there is no way that you would not come across a meme. After all, the world is going gaga over all kinds of things meme creators can get their hands on, right.

Be it Indian memes or trending memes, people love to consume the humour showered by the meme industry. They are the freshest source of raw humour. All you need to do is add a tagline to a still from the latest movie and there you go.

Before you know it, you will see a spark of meme fire going wild in the netizen land. Having said that, you need to know your memes. And for that, you need to know where you can get the best memes. So, to help you out, here are the top 5 best websites where you can get the most awesome collection.


This is one source that will make you crazy with the wide range of meme it has. From gamer jokes to polite cat jokes, this database gives you access to a hell lot of material to grin at. The memes are dank, relatable and crude. If you don’t like offensive and dark humour, this website isn’t for you. It also features anime and manga jokes.


Ok, this website is more about political, sports, horoscopes and other dank memes that you can enjoy while you smoke your doobie. If it’s in trend it’s on These guys keep a close eye on what’s going on around the world and so, whenever you visit this site, you will be pleased with a new content that is hilarious. Give it a shot.

3. Memecentre

As the name suggests, it’s Memecenter. The centre of al memes. LOL. Nothing of that sort, but this website is pretty good one when you need to pass your time travelling and giggling on something that only you and your phones knows about.  From vegan memes to make you grin that naughty grin to drake jokes that never go out of fashion, you will find it all here.

4. Wotpost

If you love Indian memes, you will fall for this website. This is one of the coolest websites that gives the cocktail of dank, dark humour along with the splash of funny Indian memes. A mix of all kinds of humour is what you should expect from this one. So, basically there a little for everyone. Don’t like Indian meme, no issues, you can scroll the dank cartoon memes. Your choice, take your pick.

5. 9gag

This one too has a long list for you to browse and laugh like crazy. From the latest trending meme to the hottest meme of the day, you will find it all here. This website also has several other sections that gives you specific choices to narrow down your meme search to something as small as basketball. So, yeah if you are a picky person, you can be real happy with this one.

Memes, memes everywhere

You know how flourished the meme business has become. If you have stayed away from meme fever, don’t be happy or proud. Soon, you will be infected too. Because it’s the most contagious kind of entrainment the world has ever seen. Do you agree?

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