Key Factors Included in the Maintenance of the Ducted Unit at your Business Place!

Unpleasant events can serve as a learning experience and this is undeniable. You were probably kicking yourself for neglecting the sign up for an HVAC maintenance program if you ever had your HVAC system break down in the dog days of summer.

Do you really know what services are covered under your HVAC preventative maintenance program, now that you have survived that uncomfortable situation and have purchased an HVAC maintenance plan?

The benefits derived through proper maintenance of your ducted air con unit at the workplace

Reducing cost through improved efficiency

You are concerned about reigning in expenses as a business owner or a property manager. The costs are controlled by ensuring that your HVAC system is running efficiently as possible.

Considering that your HVAC system accounts for roughly half of your energy usage, efficient operation is no minor point.

Your system stands to lose up to 5 percent efficiency for each year as it goes unmaintained is another thing to consider if you do not have a routine HVAC maintenance program.

To meet the thermostat temperatures, clogged filters, grimy coils, and dirty vents are just a few of the things which causes the systems to work harder and longer. It nonstop chews up more electricity and more money for a system which is forced to work.

Avoiding major costly repairs

A regular HVAC maintenance program will result in fewer repairs and dollars flowing from your wallet is what you will be found. Before they become large problems with a big price tag, your technician will inspect the HVAC system detecting any small issues.

On things which could go wrong with your system, minor equipment issues are left unchecked and can have snowball effects.

A compressor failure can happen by neglecting something as simple as cleaning coils and this is an expensive issue to go through with ducted aircon Sydney.

System longevity expanded with HVAC maintenance program

By having a routine HVAC maintenance program, you will be expanding the life of your system. There is less wear and tear on your equipment by keeping your system in optimal shape.

It tends to last longer than the one which does not with a car that has its oil changed at regular intervals.

And here the air conditioner is not different. Your system will have an added life to it with an effective HVAC preventative maintenance program.

Increased employee productivity with comfortable workplace

You have probably noticed Fido languishing on a tile floor somewhere in your home when it is hot and humid inside if you are a pet owner.

It will be affecting their productivity as your employees will not take the uncomfortable climate to that extreme.

Employers can increase workforce performance by roughly 10 percent by implementing indoor air quality solutions according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

A study revealed that once the temperature hits 77 Fahrenheit, employee performance declines by 2 percent for each degree the temperature rises according to a Helsinki University of Technology and Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory.

Profit rises with a welcoming customer environment

An HVAC maintenance program facilitates an inviting place for the customers to do business besides the economic advantage of fostering productive employees. In a business that is not too hot and sticky, customers are more likely to spend more time.

Customers will be attracted and would repeat themselves in a comfortable environment. On your bottom line, employee productivity and winning customer’s loyalty has a direct impact.

HVAC maintenance checklist

In an HVAC maintenance plan, the following is the list of tasks which are included. It is essential for providing the benefits described above by completing these tasks.

Your HVAC maintenance program could provide for different levels of services depending on your equipment and the type of service contract.

  • Cleaning and changing filters
  • Cleaning the coils
  • Cleaning the drain lines and pans
  • Replacing the worn pulleys and belts
  • Inspecting the ducts
  • Checking the refrigerant charge and for the leaks
  • Testing the thermostat and the controls
  • Checking the electrical systems
  • Checking the fan motor
  • Checking the blowers and blades for proper airflow
  • Lubricating the pumps and the moving parts
  • Inspecting the cabinets for the leaks and also the hardware
  • Assessing the overall condition of equipment

New technology in HVAC maintenance program

We have to take that leap of faith every time we get our cars fixed, invite the plumber in or anyone else that has an expertise in something that is foreign to use as consumers.

You no longer have to rely on your HVAC Company to tell you what services they have performed and this is the good news here.

The guesswork from the equation is removed by watching the maintenance which is performed.

To understand the repair or maintenance work and visualizing it while the technician explains the tasks at hand rather than receiving a verbal or written explanation brimming with technical terms afterward is something which is much easier.

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