Easy steps to make your kitchen a healthy Place

The kitchen is the center of one’s house and it needs to be in the best condition at all times.

There are many attributes that describe a healthy kitchen and trust me you do not have to spend a fortune to have one.

A healthy kitchen does not have to be something that resembles the ones shown in the magazines. All you need to have is a place that is in the immaculate state in terms of hygiene and workability.

Here are some suggestions that would turn your kitchen heavenly.

  1. Clean your countertops and stovetops twice every day. This ensures no food or grease is left which might attract roaches.
  2. Wash your dishes right away. Dirty dishes are an open invitation to the roaches. It also gives the kitchen a messy lookand stench.
  3. Get rid of leftovers as early as possible. Spoiled food outside or inside the refrigerator is home to bacteria. Instead of wasting food, give it away to someone who needs it.
  4. Deep cleansing of the kitchen is an absolute necessity. The kitchen is cultivating heaven for bacteria. It is home to grease, water and what not. Weekly deep cleansing is a must.
  5. A solution of water, vinegar, baking soda,and liquid dish wash is to swear by for cleaning almost everything around your kitchen. It is easy on the pocket and is totally harmless otherwise. Fill it up in a spray bottle and start your ‘mission clean up’.
  6. It is equally necessary to clean and arrange your kitchen cabinets. Cockroaches tend to hide in cracks and creeks inside the cabinets. Also, regular usage of items may leave things in a mess. Fortnightly cleaning and rearranging of things inside cabinets ensure things are intact.
  7. Keeping a track of kitchen inventory is also very important. You need to have a complete check of items that are running out of stock or are near their expiry date. Try to use the ones that are near expiry. Keep a list of things that are finishing up so you can restock them on your next grocery trip.
  8. A clean sink/dishwasher is what a healthy kitchen calls for. Use anti-bacterial detergents to regularly clean and sanitize your sink/dishwasher.
  9. Some extra care needs to be put with sanitation in the kitchen. The floor in your kitchen needs to have proper drainage so it can be thoroughly washed and cleaned regularly. Also, the gutters need to be cleaned as that is where the entire gunk gathers up. Weekly dump of baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water helps a lot in unclogging and sanitization of the gutters.
  10. If you live in a humid place, all this cleaning might not be enough. Thorough fumigation is very necessary to keep cockroaches away. Also, kitchen pesticides are available in forms of powder. These are harmless to human contact and can be used fortnightly.

Aesthetic attributes:

  1. Your kitchen needs to be pleasant to your eyes and mind as you spend a good part of your day there. Make changes according to your affordability like a change in wall and cabinets’color to make it a peaceful place.
  2. A kitchen herb garden by the window is cherry on the top. Plant herbs in small pots as it is easy to maintain and herbs are very beneficial for health.
  3. Invest a little in water pitchers and decorative fruit bowls. Fill them up and place them in the center. This will ensure to keep your water and fruit intake game strong.
  4. Beautiful decorative candles in big sizes can be kept in the kitchen. They soak up all the food smell and add a decorative touch to the place.
  5. Himalayan salt lamps or decorative pieces can also be kept in the kitchen. They are very beneficial for health as they absorb impurities from the air making it healthy. Visit Ittefaq Salt to know more about these lamps.

A clean kitchen promises a healthy lifestyle.

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