A Trip to The Arabian Gulf nations

The countries are a grand epic, a cradle of civilization and an enticing yet complicated land that’s home to some of the planet’s most hospitable people. The rich ancient history of this region is not something you will find in books. Wherever you find yourself, the past here is present everywhere here, perhaps more than anywhere in the world, history is the heart and soul of the land. At some point of time during your visit to the Gulf countries, you will be sitting in the earth’s tallest skyscraper looking lost at the labyrinth clouds of the horizons, the next moment you will find yourself sitting beside the successor of Bedouin civilization amidst the desert. Aside from ranking among the continually inhabited cities on earth, the ancient-modern metropolis are places to take the pulse of the region. The spectacular emptiness of the Arabian landscape provides a blank canvas upon which projected a riot of cultural, religious, intellectual and trading wonders.

Dubai is not the only place among the other Gulf cities that claim to be the most splendid place on earth that portrays a perfect kaleidoscopic blend of audacious, ultra-modern architecture and ancient traditional roots of many rich civilizations. Although, Dubai flaunts its superlative and luxurious lifestyles, the other cities like Manama, Doha, Muscat or Kuwait city also offers the same vibrancy and spectacular and breathtaking picture perfect landscape with some of the oldest forts that are standing still to tell the tales of the rich history of the region.

Dubai witnesses the most footfalls of voyagers from across the globe and if you are also planning to experience the luxury of this city, make sure you are trotting the entire Gulf countries. Get your tourist visa for the Gulf countries from the Emirates Visa Consultant in Delhi.


The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the world’s most lavish monuments, landscapes and lifestyle. Comprised of sand dunes, crumbling forts and fishing villages a century ago, the UAE has grown into a shows-topper and voyager’s paradise within a very few decades. Rich with oil-wealth, the UAE is defined by the opulent resort hotels, ultra-modern architecture, sci-fi sort of lifestyle, tallest skyscrapers and seemingly unending thirst for new and innovative mega-projects. The audacious cities of the UAE- Dubai and Abu Dhabi are home to an ever-growing spread of luxury accommodation, gourmet restaurants, gleaming shopping malls, Dubai’s most iconic sight, sail-shaped 7star hotel Burj Al Arab, tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa and the sea themed Atlantis resort, which are microcosms of the UAE’s lofty ambitions.


Qatar is a country which is in the process of rapid growth and gearing up itself to host the 2022 FIFA world cup. Just like the cities of the UAE, luxury hotels, spas, world-class restaurants, architecturally unusual buildings sprout up here exponentially. Jutting into the Persian Gulf like an upturned thumb, Qatar is a beguiling blend of ultra-modern and age-old ways of living. For those, who want to know the culture, there’s the stunning and expensive Museum of Islamic Art. Outside the city of Doha, lies the desert, where nights under the stars and dune adventure waits.


It lies far enough away from the Gulf travel hubs to the south to mean there are fewer tourists. It architectural landscapes are both experimental and audacious, but it hasn’t embraced glitz and glamour like the UAE or Saudi Arabia. The nation remains an oasis in a land of desert plains and visitors may be surprised by the intriguing attractions by the country’s most magnificent ancient architecture, natural landscape, rich culture etc.

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