7 Easy Ways To Make Gap Year Travel Friends!

Don’t have a gap year travel buddy? No need to worry. There are plenty of students who set out to enjoy gap year adventures by themselves and make new friends along the way. For some, this may seem like a difficult thing as not everyone is skilled at easily making new friends. However, while making gap year travel friends may seem challenging, it isn’t that hard in reality. You just have to keep a few things in mind and follow a few basic steps.

How to find travel buddies on your gap year:

You will find plenty of blogs on taking a gap year as well as tips for solo travelers online. Some will even advice you on how to maintain a gap year journal of your travels. But there are fewer of those when it comes to making friends on a gap year. To help you with this, we’ve listed some of the best tips you can use to easily make new gap year travel buddies. Follow these simple tricks and see how easy it is to make friends while traveling on your gap year.

  1. Take advice from family and friends

This is one of the first things you must do. Maybe your friends aren’t set to travel with you, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you out. You’ll be surprised how often someone will have acquaintances in places you are about to travel to. Apart from helping you meet them, they can also help you out with destination suggestions if you’re traveling last minute. Having a few contacts in hand will certainly help ease you travel apprehensions a bit.

  1. Book a good program

Don’t pick just any program simply because you’re traveling on a gap year and need to be in one. Make smart choices and pick a program that will help you bond with people having similar interests. This is the best way to make gap year travel friends as you don’t have to worry about breaking into already-formed groups. Depending on the program, you can meet your program buddies at the airport itself and chat away as you travel together.

  1. Stay in hostels

There are plenty of cheap backpacker hostels around the world you can stay in. When you stay in such hostels, chances are higher of meeting and making friends with fellow travelers. Pick dorms over private rooms so you can meet more people that way. Find out and bond over the things you have in common with them. You’ll be surprised how easily you can make friends at hostels. Many of them can also be potential travel partners.

  1. Dress uniquely

One of the best ways to standout in any crowd is to be different. Wear an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry that will instantly attract attention. For instance, wear a football T-shirt or traveler’s bracelet that can help start a conversation. People are curious about different things and more often than not, a simple smile is enough encouragement to start a conversation. This will help you make friends even on the flight whether you’re traveling economy or business class.

  1. Pack a few games

These can be anything from board games to a deck of cards. You will be amazed at how easily approachable people are when you offer to play a round of chess or card game with them. You can even do this while waiting at the bus stop. It isn’t essential that you ask only fellow travelers. This is a great way to make gap year travel friends with locals as well. They’ll also prove to be helpful should you need assistance or advice of any kind while you’re in their city.

  1. Go pub-hopping

While it’s not advisable to get too many drinks down, it is absolutely okay to have a drink or two just to socialize. Check out the local night scene and meet fellow travelers as well as locals with whom you can hang out. This is a great way to meet and party with people your age. Friendly locals will not only point you to the next best bar but will join you as well! Many travelers make friends this way and end up couch surfing with them on the next trip.

  1. Pick a tour or a trek

Join a group tour to meet people with shared interests and make the best gap year travel friends. Taking a trek or doing other such activity together will help you bond with your group. You can exchange travel stories, life experiences, and other personal information you are comfortable sharing. This will help you get to know the others better and find common ground to bond over. So when you book cheap flights with Indian Eagle  for your gap year travel, ensure to book a good group tour as well.

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