PTE-A Tips & Tricks for Every Module To Improve Your Score!

Missing out on your perfect score in PTE-A? Struggling to reach perfection in performance? Achieving the desired score in PTE-A is not just a different struggle altogether. The PTE-A exam and its associated marking works differently than a typical University exam. There is integrated scoring. A computer algorithm scores your performance.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, here are some important module-wise tips and tricks to improve your PTE-A score:

PTE-A Speaking

  1. Make sure that your speech is in a natural tone and speed. It should not be too fast or slow. This way, you will be able to maintain Oral Fluency.
  2. Don’t take unnecessary pauses, or ‘aah’/’umm’ sounds between words.
  3. While filler words have their place in PTE, avoid unnecessary use. Since it’s a computer-based test, unnecessary fillers may make your content more difficult to decode for the machine.
  4. Don’t try to force an accent that doesn’t come to you naturally.
  5. Make an audio recording of yourself speaking in English. Use them to review your speech for both Oral Fluency and Pronunciation, and make the necessary changes.
  6. Place the microphone between your lips and the tip of the nose. This way, you will not breathe into the mic and avoid any distortions.
  7. In case you make an error or fumble mid-sentence, do not stop. Speak naturally. Continue to speak naturally.
  8. Please keep in mind that if you don’t speak for three seconds, the microphone turns off automatically.
  9. In Read Aloud, utilise the preparation time to identify the words that will prove to be challenging. Try reading them in your mind first, so that you get them right when you speak.
  10. Start speaking only when you hear the tone/beep! Else, your voice won’t be recorded.

PTE-A Listening

  1. Listen actively with a focus on understanding. You could develop this habit by listening to English songs and paying more attention to the lyrics. Watch English movies and TV shows both with and without subtitles to improve your understanding of spoken English and to develop your vocab.
  2. In Summarize spoken text, try to limit answer 50-70 words. Take notes, identify the main points, jot down the keywords, use templates, and don’t forget to proofread your summary.
  3. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers
  4. Since this question type has negative marking, avoid taking bling guesses if you are not entirely sure. Read the questions before the audio starts playing. Maintain your focus till the very end, as the answers could be towards the end.
  5. For Fill in the blanks, use the notepad provided to you. Listen carefully and identify which form of the word has been used (singular or plural), or whether there was an article used or not.
  6. In Highlight Correct Summary, identify and understand the central theme and message. Use the method of elimination to zero in on the correction option.
  7. In Select Missing Word, try to remember the general rule, that by the first half of the audio, you will have a good idea about the topic. Further, keep in mind, that by the time you are three-fourth done with the audio, you should be able to predict how it is going to end.
  8. For Highlight Incorrect Words, remember to review your answers before submitting them. Keep in mind that if you double-click on a word, you will unselect the word. Click only once.
  9. In Write from Dictation, you need to save time. So it is better to type the answer directly on the computer screen, instead of note-taking. Remember to check spellings, punctuation, singular and plural forms.

PTE Academic Reading

  1. In Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer, glance through the questions before reading the given passage. Read the central passage carefully and focus on the main idea. Search for supporting details and other ideas to find the correct answer. Alternatively, use the method of elimination. Keep in mind that you don’t spend more than 1.5 minutes on one question.
  2. For Multiple Choice Questions, Choose Multiple Answers, read the given information with care. Study the questions and the options before you get started with the text. Pay close attention to nouns, repeated words, and adjectives to find the correct answers swiftly. If you can’t, then use the method of elimination. Don’t spend more than 2 minutes on each question.
  3. In Re-order Paragraphs, identify the standalone topic sentence. Every paragraph, when written in a logical order, begins with a topic sentence. Don’t spend more than 3-4 minutes on one question.
  4. In Reading Fill in the Blanks, skim through the text to understand the central idea of the passage. Look for words that often appear together to form a phrase. Understand the context of the sentence and look for the missing part of the speech to select the right word for the gap. Spend an approximate 2 minutes of each question.
  5. In Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks, go through the passage to understand its general meaning and context. Keep in mind that the options provided in the drop-down menu could look similar, but bear different meanings.

PTE Writing Tips

  1. Read the topic to identify the type of essay you are required to write.
  2. Use academic English language.
  3. Avoid the use of bullet points and write clear paragraphs.
  4. Don’t use jargons.
  5. Exhibit your writing prowess with different variations of simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  6. Pay attention to grammar & spellings.
  7. In Summarize Written Text, limit your sentence to 5-75 words.
  8. Get enough practice with complex sentences.
  9. Use connectors.
  10. Extract the main idea of the given text.

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