Eating a Plant-Based Diet Might Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

People who have type 2 diabetes can benefit from trying a vegan diet. For some, it may help lower blood sugar levels and drop excess weight, bringing better health overall. A twenty-two-week study comparing those who followed a conventional diet and those who followed a vegan one found that the vegans lost twice as much weight and lowered their blood sugar levels nearly three times more.

When followed up a year later, the vegans still were healthier than those on the conventional diet. A vegan diet means no beef, fish, or chicken. But it goes beyond just that.

Vegan Avoid All Animal Products

That means milk, eggs, and honey, to name a few. They also stay away from other animal-based products, such as leather, wool, and some soap. A vegan diet consists mainly of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grains, and legumes. When eaten in balance, this is the picture of a healthy diet for everyone.

A basic day for a vegan might consist of oatmeal and berries for breakfast, carrot sticks, and peanut butter on a bagel for lunch followed up with tofu and broccoli stir-fried with rice for dinner. Of course, there are many other options for a vegan diet.

Different Option for Vegan Diet 

Hummus, tabouli, lentil stew, bean burritos, vegetable curries, and cheese-less pizza are some of the many options a vegan can choose from each day. Making the change to a vegan diet is difficult at first. The first thing a person should do is research the food options available to them and tries out a few new recipes at a time. Going into it slowly is the easiest way for many to move to a vegan lifestyle.

Discuss Lifestyle Changes with Doctor

Diabetics should discuss this change with their doctors before making the change. Because of their special health needs, they may be sent to a registered dietitian to find ways to make the most of their eating habits. Vegans enjoy great health because they fill their plates with healthy foods every day. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are the cornerstones of a healthy diet. Snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables keep blood sugar levels regular and prevent cravings for sweet, unhealthy foods. Whole-grain bread regulates the digestive tract and keeps the body moving at top speed. For each typical food, there is a delicious vegan alternative. Try a black bean burger instead of beef, or coconut milk ice cream.

Try Vegan Alternatives

Many food companies sell vegan alternatives that are similar in taste and texture to the real thing. Vegan can enjoy sausage patties for breakfast made from plants, instead of pork. When beginning the change to a vegan diet, it is easier to avoid non-vegan foods than to try to resist it. Clear out unhealthy foods from your pantry, avoid eating places where you know you will be tempted, and ask friends and family to be supportive of your change. Few people can make any kind of big change on willpower alone. In time you will find you no longer have a taste for the processed, unhealthy foods you once enjoyed.

Many people find that they cannot stand to eat typical foods after a vegan diet. The excess amounts of salts, sugars, and animal fats no longer taste good when their body is rid of them. Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet really has no negatives. The benefits of switching to a vegan diet are great for everyone, but especially diabetics who need to lose weight and lower their blood sugar levels. Imagine jumping out of bed each morning, full of energy, and ready to go. That kind of energy and vitality can be possible with a vegan diet. Imagine jumping out of bed each morning, full of energy, and ready to go. That kind of energy and vitality can be possible with a vegan diet.

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Destroying Our Bodies

Diabetics need to control the glucose floating around in our bloodstream. For most of the diabetic sufferers, a plant-focused that is low in fat, sugar, and salt, and which is high in fiber will do the trick. Occasionally, however, a plant-focused diet does not work as well as we would wish, and our blood sugar readings rise for reasons we cannot fathom easily. What can we do in these circumstances?

There are two things to reduce the glucose level. The first one is to switch to a vegan diet, and second things are to add cinnamon to our diet. 

Vegan Diet

If your plant-focused diet is not controlling your blood glucose very well, you should be able to improve things by switching to a low-fat vegan diet. A plant-focused diet may include meat provided. It is ultra-lean. A vegan diet, by comparison, is strictly plant-based. This means that a vegan does not eat any meat, fish, eggs, or dairy products of any sort at all. People with type 2 diabetes who switch to a vegan diet have better blood sugar control, according to several studies. In one particular study, 99 people with type 2 diabetes were randomly divided into two groups. The first group followed a low-fat, low-sugar vegan diet. The vegans also lowered their cholesterol and improved their kidney function more than the ADA dieters. So, get your foot pillow and start having vegan food in your three meals.


Cinnamon is a brownish highly-aromatic spice with a very distinctive flavor that is added to both sweet and savory foods. The spice is actually the inner bark of cinnamon trees. Sprinkling cinnamon on your food can add flavor without adding salt, carbs, or calories.  Cinnamon is used in traditional medicine to treat various conditions. Some modern studies suggest it can also improve the body’s ability to use insulin and may lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes. More research is needed to confirm this.

You can use cinnamon to cheat on the blood glucose test for diabetes in which you take a sugary drink to see how well your body keeps your blood sugar under control. To blunt the glucose spike, all you have to do is to consume two teaspoons of cinnamon up to 12 hours before the test.


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