Choosing a Creative Magician for Your Kid’s Birthday

Kids find even the simplest of magic tricks quite captivating. Magic is always fascinating and it will make your kid’s birthday party come alive especially with birthday party magician Sydney. Organize a wonderful kids magician birthday party ideas for your kid’s next birthday. Not only will they enjoy it but you will as well. The following are some great kid’s magician birthday party for you to try out.

You will sometimes see close up adult kids party magician showing up with a deck of cards and trying to amaze kids with card flourishes and pick-a-card tricks which always floor their adult audiences only to find that the kids are already back into the jumper after five minutes. That stuff may be impressive and mind-numbing to adults but to kids, it’s just numbing.

The Entertainer

For the right price, you can hire a professional kids magician to perform at your kid’s birthday party. The magician’s show will run for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the magician’s schedule as well as your budget. Prior to hiring a specific magician, you should request to see videos of him performing to get a feel of his personality. While some magicians prefer to put on the funny act, some will perform with a serious expression. The choice is up to you regarding which kind of magician you will go for.

Teaching Tricks

Kids love to enjoy learning the secrets behind successful magic tricks, therefore you should teach them a few. Divide the kids at the party into two groups and teach each group a separate trick. Afterward, pair the children, one from each group and have them demonstrate one another their respective tricks. Once the demonstration is over, you can then have the kids teach one another their respective tricks. This will provide all around fun for all the kids present.

Goodie Bags

The guests at your kid’s birthday party will obviously come bringing gifts for your kid. It is normal to give the guests goodie bags with a few items as a token of appreciation. In the goodie bags, you may include a book of card tricks and a pack of cards, a stuffed rabbit, a magic hat, or choose from any of the cheap tricks available from any magic store.


You may even have magic with cookies. Use a top hat or star cookie cutter to make cookies and sandwiches. Create magic wands by simply dipping pretzel rods into dark chocolate and rolling them in coconut. Creating a magic drink is pretty simple. All you have to do is simply freeze juice or add food coloring to ice cubes, and then let them melt in clear soda in kid’s magic show.


Besides teaching kids how to perform magic tricks, you may opt for a few magic themed games to entertain the kids. For instance, you may decide to play Pin the Tail on the rabbit or some other similar game where you try to put the rabbit into a paper hat. You may also make several cutouts of rabbits in different colors and put them into a hat. Kids will then take turns pulling out a rabbit out of the hat and get prizes depending on the color of rabbit which they pulled out.

Again, this is not to say that there aren’t a few magicians who are capable of entertaining both adults and children. These guys know how to play to a diverse family crowd. They even know how to keep teenagers engaged, laughing, and feeling good about them! Entertaining teenagers is the greatest trick of all by the way! We call that type of mixed crowd “un-level headed,” because everyone is of different heights.

In conclusion, those are a few kids magician birthday party ideas for you to try in a magician show Sydney out for your kid’s next birthday party. Not only with any of these ideas provide lots of fun for your kid, but all the kids in the party will enjoy as well. The whole experience will give all the kids memories to last a lifetime.

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