ASO: Things To Consider for mobile APPs SEO

The mobile applications or apps are one of the technological trends in the world of eCommerce and other online business you want to develop. Studies show that your potential client, when you want to connect to a website from their mobile phones or from their tablets, if that website has an APP, will use it much more for its accessibility than if they should go to the search engine of their device, including the URL of the page you want to visit and give intro. Why?

Because the APPs are simpler, faster and are much better adapted for mobile. People love having the APP downloaded and with a single click have all the information . So, if you want to launch your APP, whether to sell your products, for people to listen to your podcast or read your posts, you should position it in the APPs search engines . And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today, about SEO for mobile APPs.

ASO: SEO for mobile APPs

Remember that for people to find you in search engines, whether in search engines for content, websites, apps, etc., if you are not among the top positions, Internet users will rarely find you. And if they do not find you, that’s very negative for you. In this case, in which we talk about SEO for APPs, by not appearing in the first searches for terms that are of interest to you, your APP will not be downloaded and if you do not download it you will not achieve your goals.

The ASO (App Store Optimization) is like SEO but of mobile applications. ASO is an application optimization process in the  App Store or Google Play through which you can appear on the first page of the search engine when a user does a search with certain keywords.

The higher your application appears the more visibility you will have, and consequently, more downloads.

ASO strategy for your mobile application

If you know SEO strategies, here you will see that you have to do a similar job. Therefore, these are the most important points you have to take into account to develop a good ASO strategy :

  • Title optimized with keywords.
  • Attractive title for the user and that refers 100% to the theme of your mobile app.
  • Complete a very good explanatory description using keywords and synonyms.
  • Design of a good icon or logo.
  • Enter explanatory screenshots of the APP.
  • Choose the APP category well.
  • Create how many more videos of your APP on YouTube, the better . Doing SEO for YouTube too.

Other strategies to complement the ASO positioning

For the  process of optimizing your ASO strategy , you must also take into account:

  • The analysis of the competition : you have to see what strategies they carry out and how they are positioning themselves. Discover a weak point of yours and make it a strong one of yours.
  • The study of keywords: this is something that is done in the same way in SEO positioning. It consists of knowing what kind of words you have to put in the description of your app.
  • Email marketing : with a broad database, the ideal is to start doing email marketing campaigns to attract followers and future customers of our application.
  • Campaigns in Google Adwords to promote your APP .
  • Use social networking .

These are the fundamental elements so that your ASO strategy works correctly but, of course, if you have the possibility of making a large investment in advertising and creating virality, success will be easier to achieve.

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